Cross country Schooling

£28 per horse

With 30 acres dedicated to cross country schooling, we have an array of fences suiting all levels of horse and rider. The wide variety of features includes two water complexes with many different options of jumping in and out. Banks, ditches, steps, sunken road all with easier and more advance options.

We perform endless ground maintenance of rolling, mowing, harrowing and strimming, throughout the year, so the ground is always in the best possible condition. Portable jumps are moved frequently around the field . Good viewing for the helpers and spectators on the floor.

No visit is ever the same as the course is changed regularly so the questions for horse and rider are always different, we can also set up a question on request should you like to school over something in particular or practice something you’ve had issues with.

There is plenty of decoration and strange features to allow horses to get accustomed to features which they will undoubtfully discover at competitions national or international

The jumps start at 60cm and go up to fences suitable for intermediate and advanced horses.

Plenty of all-weather take off and landings on a lot of the fences, all jumps are flagged.

Wombat Arena

£10 per 1/4 hour

Newly created in 2017 the Wombat arena is a beautiful landscaped oasis. The arena measures 70m x 60m with a lightly waxed surface and has a full brightly coloured numbered jump 4 joy course set up which we change regularly.

Wallaby Arena

The Wallaby arena is 65m x 20m arena with a lightly waxed surface. The arena is surrounded by flags to help horses become accustomed. Show jumps available for course or grids with plenty of bright fillers.

Available for liveries and camps or clinics only.

Indoor School

The indoor school measures 65m x 20m arena with a lightly waxed surface and lights.

Available for liveries and camps or clinics only.

Visiting stabling

A block of stables dedicated to visiting horses available for stop overs or long distance travellers and camps and clinics. All stables come with bedding. £25 per night

All the facilities are in close proximity ideal easy sale trail facilities.