DIY, Grass, Part & Competition

We offer all types of livery

Grass livery £25 p/week

Horses are turned out in large (minimum 14acre) fields. All fields are post and railed and have a large field shelter. Horses are turned out in suitable groups normally 4/6 in each field, they are checked twice daily. In the winter months hay is fed to all horses, although there is an extra charge for this.

Diy livery £35 p/week

We have over 40 Diy stables, each livery gets a stable and turn out paddock. The stables are 12 x 12 and are mainly housed in a large dutch barn. Turnout is available all year round. There are tack rooms in each block and some space for your feed and bedding. Wash down bay with hot water. Lorry and trailer parking is also available.

We also offer individually tailored part livery, full livery, and competition livery. Get in touch for more details.